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  1. The Internet shop is the property of ROYAL Ltd. with its seat in the city of Jeziorany, at no. 7 Marii Konopnickiej Str., 11–320 Jeziorany, NIP 739 010 15 56
  2. The products on sale are manufactured by ROYAL Ltd. and its partners.
  3. Orders may be placed via the Internet website at
  4. Orders will only be processed if the customer fills in the registration form at Orders will be confirmed by email or by telephone. The shop may refuse to process orders which could not be confirmed.
  5. Orders will be processed within 3 to 10 days (each customer is informed individually when the specific order is going to be processed). In case the product ordered is out of stock, the processing period may be extended, in which case the customer is informed by email or by telephone.
  6. Payments for the goods ordered may be made using the following methods: in cash on delivery, by bank transfer (prepayment), and after delivery within a period individually agreed with the customer.
  7. Bank transfers should be made to the account in: BRE S.A. O/Olsztyn no. 09 1140 1111 0000 2349 7600 1001.
  8. Orders are approved for processing as soon as the payment is received on the account (in the case of prepayments), companies with a delayed deadline for payment pay as agreed on the invoice, and customers paying in cash pay for the goods on delivery.
  9. Proof of purchase (a V.A.T. invoice or a receipt) shall accompany the delivery.
  10. The goods are delivered to the customer by ROYAL transport or by courier service. In case the goods are delivered by courier service, the customer pays the shipping costs depending on the value of the order. Delivery terms apply in the territory of Poland.
  11. ROYAL reserves the right to have orders placed via the internet shop processed by the official distributor of the ROYAL brand, located the closest to the customer placing the order.
  12. The shop reserves the right to change the shipping costs provided at the time of placing the order. In this case the customer shall be informed and asked for an approval of the additional costs.
  13. Customers who place a single order at with the gross value of over PLN1000.00 are not required to cover shipping costs (free delivery).
  14. The price at which the goods are purchased is binding for both parties of the transaction.
  15. In justified cases, we reserve the right to refuse to process a specific order, limit the methods of payment or demand a prepayment.
  16. Detailed information regarding the products on our website are the intellectual property of ROYAL. Copying or duplicating this information is an infringement of the law.

Return Policy

Under the Polish law, customers have 10 working days to return any product that does not meet their expectations. Within this period, the product may be sent to us at the customer’s expense along with the invoice and a properly completed and signed protocol of return of the goods. It is advisable to return the goods using the registered parcel, duly insured against any damage or theft on the part of the carrier. In each case, the costs and the risk are borne by the user. The right to return the product will be accepted, provided the goods are complete  and in a good condition as delivered (with packaging, accessories, manuals…) Products that are incomplete, destroyed, damaged or unclean will not be accepted.

If the customer requires a refund of shipping costs, ROYAL will make every effort to return them as soon as possible and no later than within 3 weeks, depending on quality tests performed on the goods returned. Transportation costs will be refunded by bank transfer to the user’s account.


All products offered in our shop are brand new and free of material and legal faults. All goods are under the manufacturer’s guarantee. The guarantee period and its limitations, if any, are specified in the product description.

Upon reception, it is advisable to check the goods for any damage that may have occurred during transportation. Special attention should be paid to the condition of the tape securing the parcel. In case the packaging appears to be damaged or the tape is broken, the parcel should not be accepted and a protocol of damage should be prepared in the presence of the courier and the customer should contact the shop as soon as possible to resolve the matter.

In case the parcel has not been checked for damage on reception, the customer’s claims related to damage or theft of the parcel in transportation, if any, will not be accepted (in most cases, the guarantee does not cover mechanical damage caused by external factors).

In case the goods should be found faulty, with factory damage or incomplete, we guarantee a replacement, provided that the case is reported within 5 work days of delivery. In case a claim is found unjustified or the goods appear to have been damaged by the user, all the costs shall be covered by the customer. To obtain detailed information on the guarantee please send an email to: with the following information:

  1. Full name of the product
  2. Invoice number
  3. Order number
  4. Description of the damage

All goods are returned to us at the customer’s expense.

Privacy Policy

All the details sent by customers to our company are protected under the personal data protection law and will not be processed for any purpose other than the processing of the order. Email addresses and contact information will not be used for marketing purposes. There is no need to be concerned about spam messages sent to your email box.

All contents of the ROYAL website (images, text, names, brands, photos, videos) are the property of ROYAL. Any partial or full reproduction of these contents using any method on any digital carrier requires the prior written consent of ROYAL. All the information, contents, files and software is protected by Polish and international intellectual property and copyright laws.

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